Wednesday, May 20, 2009

3 Years!

Saturday was our three year anniversary! We ended up having a way fun weekend in between Adam working. I picked Adam up from work on Saturday I decided we were going to go to Liberty Park. I have always wanted to go paddle boating up there. So we did and it was so fun! I am ready to move by a lake and buy one! After that I decided that we should just stay down town for the night. I called my sister and she pricelined us the Hilton. It was nice other then our air conditioner didn't work and the handy man came and spent a half hour in our room at 11:30 that night :). So we ran to the store and got the essentials and had a spur of the moment little getaway! The next morning, it was off to work again for my poor husband!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rained Out Boutique!

So I was supposed to do this Spring Boutique with Jenny and Heidi. Well, after my hours and hours of work, it decided to RAIN all day Saturday and the boutique got cancelled! I was so bummed! But hey, its life! Anyway...I have a bunch of stuff that I just have at my house now! If anyone needs any Mothers Day gifts or any gifts I will post some pictures of what I have. Let me know!